Training & Match Day Policy

Training and Match Day Kit & Equipment

  1. All players must have shin pads, appropriate protective clothing (for example goalie gloves) and footwear suitable for the playing surface.
  2. Players should bring a drink to every match or training session; due to hygiene concerns the club does not provide water bottles.
  3. No player should train or play with jewellery, especially pierced earrings.
  4. Any player requiring glasses should, where possible, wear contact lenses or sports glasses, anyone choosing to train in normal glasses does so at their own risk. Please refer to the relevant League guidelines for match day information.
  5. All long hair should be appropriately tied back.
  6. For Junior players (U18’s), it is each parent/guardian’s responsibility to ensure that their children are suitably dressed for the weather for all matches and training sessions. Football can be played in very cold and wet conditions and children need to be suitably dressed. Please take note of the following:

As a club we recognise that, during cold weather, it is difficult for players who are on the touchline. Each Manager will endeavour to rotate players, however, as a minimum, players should attend training and matches with a coat or training jacket to wear over their kit. Under kit thermals are also highly recommended, which must be the same colour as the match day kit (shorts and tops).

 Health & Safety

Always check the venue you are playing, or training, at for obvious hazards:

  1. Is it safe, are there any obstacles, check the pitch for dangerous materials (glass, dog fouling etc)
  2. Is it accessible – in case of an emergency.
  3. Check the goalposts – always follow FA safety guidelines:
  • All goal posts must be secured to the ground
  • Goals must be suitable for the age group
  • Players should NEVER be allowed to climb on goals.
  • Check playing equipment (corner flags/ ball/ etc)

Dropping off and Collecting Players at Training and Matches

For children 13 or under:

  1. Players should be collected from training and matches by a parent or designated adult.
  2. If someone else is collecting your child, please ensure that the Coach knows of the arrangement.
  3. We recommend that, when taking and collecting your children to and from training, you accompany them to and from the pitch for their safety.
  4. If you are late collecting your child, please contact the Coach who will arrange to stay with your child until you arrive. Please try to be on time and respectful of the coach’s time.
  5. All parents are responsible for their children if they are allowed to travel home on their own.
  6. We advise you to tell your children not to go home with anyone else unless you have agreed with them in advance, even if they know the person concerned.

Reviewed & Published June 2018