Emergency Action Plans

I. Match & Training Guidelines

1. At all training sessions and matches there must be at least 2 CRC accredited volunteers who have completed EFA and safeguarding training.

2. Before each match, all coaches must be aware of their role should an incident occur, regarding the following actions:

  • Attending to the injured player
  • If necessary, calling an ambulance and ensuring that the entrance to the site is clear
  • Alerting or contacting the injured player’s parent/guardian/next of kin
  • Looking after the other players and taking them away from the scene of the incident.

3. All volunteers involved at any match or training session must have a charged mobile phone.

4. The following written details must be kept securely in the first aid kit:

  • Players name
  • Primary and secondary contact details
  • Any relevant medical information.

5. Coaches should ensure the following:

  • That the entrance to the site is clear in the event of an emergency
  • That they know the post code for the pitch they are playing at
  • That a first aid kit is available and contains all essential equipment
  • That they are aware of any player with a medical condition
  • That all player’s medical equipment (inhalers etc.) is held by the Coach and is available if needed. Any medication for players should be clearly labelled, administered by the player or parent, and returned to the player or parent at the end of the match
  • That the match day environment is safe and appropriate for football

II. Training Venues and Emergency Procedures

1. There is a defibrillator at the Wealstone Lane Pavilion (attached to the outside of the building) – Code CPAD1329.
2. There is a defibrillator at Blacon High School, accessed through the main doors.
3. In an emergency dial 999 or 112 (gives GPS to Emergency Services)
4. Nearest Hospital – The Countess of Chester, Liverpool Road, CH2 1UL. Telephone: 01244 365000
5. The Post Codes for Upton JFC training and match grounds are as follows:

  • Wealstone Lane – CH2 1HB (guide ambulances to the entrance by Mill View School not via the car park)
  • Hoole Park – Coronation Recreation Ground, Hoole Road, CH2 3PZ (enter via Canadian Avenue/Panton Road)
  • Dale Camp Playing Fields – Liverpool Road, Chester, CH2 4BD
  • Upton Heath Primary School – Upton Lane, Chester, CH2 1ED
  • Mill View Primary School – Wealstone Lane, Chester, CH2 1HB
  • Ellesmere Port Sports Village – Stanney Lane, EP, CH65 9LB
  • Upton High School – St James Avenue, Chester, CH2 1NN
  • Chester University, Parkgate Road, Chester, CH1 4BJ
  • Catholic High School – Old Wrexham Road, Chester, CH4 7HS
  • Kings School, Wrexham Road, Chester, CH4 7QL
  • Blacon High School – Melbourne Road, Chester, CH1 5JH
  • Chester Rugby Club – Hare Lane, Littleton, Chester, CH3 7DB

6. All teams have an accident report book, after an accident or incident, return a club accident form to the Club Welfare Officer at welfareuptonjfc@gmail.com and the Secretary l_carrington@sky.com
7. For any urgent injuries call either the Club Secretary or the CWO as soon as the emergency has been dealt with.

Secretary Lindsay Carrington 07733 098961
CWO Eleanor Rowlands 07793 708122


Reviewed and Published June 2018.