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NameThe Club is registered with the Cheshire County FA as Upton Junior Football Club (Chester).

Status – Registered Charity Number 1172690

I. Aims and Objectives of the Club

Upton JFC (Chester) has the following aims:

  • To provide a safe, inclusive environment for all its players to enjoy football and football related activities.
  • To provide coaching that is appropriate for, and of benefit to, all players regardless of their ability.
  • To support the Club’s volunteers and ensure that they all receive the training and equipment that they need to perform their duties on behalf of the Club.
  • To provide strong financial governance thus ensuring that all the Club’s financial responsibilities can be met.
  • To work closely with the FA at all levels and to uphold the values and principles of the Respect campaign.

II. Equality & Inclusion

  • The Club, in all its activities will not discriminate on the grounds of gender, sexual orientation, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, ability or disability.
  • This means the Club will treat people fairly and with respect, and, where possible, will provide access and opportunities for all.
  • The Club will not tolerate harassment, bullying, abuse or victimisation of an individual; the Executive Committee will immediately investigate any claims, when brought to its attention, of discrimination and where such is found to be the case, an investigation will take place in accordance with the Club’s complaint procedure.
  • It is the policy of the Club that any player will be eligible to train with the Club, regardless of ability, providing there are sufficient coaches within the team.

III. Welfare and Safeguarding Policy

The Club acknowledges its responsibility to safeguard the welfare of every child and young person (under 18 years of age) involved in Club football activity. The Club subscribes to the Football Association’s child protection and best practice policy and procedures and will appoint at least one Club Welfare Officer (CWO). The Club’s Welfare & Safeguarding policy will be published on the Upton JFC website.

IV. Executive Committee

The Club Committee, which consists of Coaches, Managers and Volunteers, and any parents or guardians joining the Annual General Meeting will elect the following officers to the Executive Committee: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Welfare Officer, and any other officers considered necessary for the smooth and efficient running of the club.

The Executive Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. Oversight and maintenance of the welfare of players and volunteers:
  • Ensure that all adult volunteers involved in the club have completed a CRC check.
  • Ensure that all managers and coaches have the appropriate level of qualifications.

2. Ensuring consistently high levels of coaching and team management:

  • Provide guidance and support on coaching, training and managerial best practise.
  • Organise training courses via local and county FA.
  • Appoint and remove Team Managers, Coaches and Volunteers.

3. Managing the Club finances:

  • Provide clear and transparent financial governance, ensuring that the Club is financially sound.
  • Operate in compliance with the Club Finance Policy and ensure that it is reviewed annually

4. Maintain appropriate controls and governance of the Club:

  • Define the strategic direction of the club and make recommendations to the Club Committee about changes to the Club constitution.
  • Represent the Club with external organisations including Leagues and the County FA.
  • Hear and resolve any disciplinary matters, including internal club disputes.
  • Engage with the local community, including schools, to encourage mutually beneficial relationships.
  • Define, embed and maintain moral standards of behaviour consistent with the FA Respect Campaign.
  • Refer decisions to the Club Committee where appropriate.

Decisions of the Executive Committee will be made by a majority vote; the Chairperson will have a casting vote in the event of a tie. The quorum for the transaction of business of the Executive Committee will be three, including at least one of the Chairperson or Secretary. Where a decision has a financial impact the Treasurer must be present

V. Club Committee

The Club Committee will consist of the Executive Committee, Team Managers, Coaches and Volunteers. Club Committee members are responsible for the following:

  • Ensuring that all required qualifications are completed at the appropriate time.
  • Attending committee meetings, or sending a delegate.
  • Raising any concerns about their age group to the Executive Committee.
  • Ensuring that all players attending training, or playing in their teams are registered with the Club and have paid the appropriate fee(s).
  • Voting on any issues referred to them by the Executive Committee.
  • Ensuring that all Assistant Coaches are ratified by the Executive Committee.
  • Following the FA Respect Codes of Conduct, and representing the Club in line with the expected standards of behaviour and moral values.
  • Supporting the Club in fund raising activities throughout the year.

Decisions of the Club Committee will be made by a majority of those attending the Committee meeting; the Chairperson will have a casting vote in the event of a tie. The quorum for the transaction of business of the Club Committee will be three, including at least one of the Chairperson or Secretary.

VI. Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The AGM will take place in June each year to:

  • Receive a report on the activities of the Club over the previous year.
  • Receive a report of the Club’s finances over the previous year.
  • Elect nominees for the positions of Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Club Welfare Officer and any other officers considered necessary for the effective running of the Club.
  • Introduce any new rules for the forthcoming season.
  • Consider any other business.
  • Review any amendments to The Constitution.

All members of the Club are invited to attend the AGM.

The Club Secretary must receive nominations for the election of Executive Committee members, in writing by a proposer and seconder, at least 2 weeks before the AGM. Both proposer and seconder must be members of the Club.

An agenda will be available prior to the AGM; this will include a list of people seeking election to the Executive Committee roles. All people attending the AGM will be entitled to vote on the issues, and resolutions will be made by a majority of those attending, the Chairperson will have a casting vote in the event of a tie.

AGM minutes will be taken and published to all members of the Club Committee within 2 weeks of the AGM; this will include details of all nominations and election of club officials.

VII. Extraordinary General Meetings (EGM)

An EGM can be called by the Executive Committee to discuss issues arising during the year; the Secretary will send details to club members giving at least 2 weeks’ notice of the agenda items.

VIII. League Membership (Results, Rules and Regulations)

The Club will play in League(s) appropriate for its teams and by doing so will affiliate to the Cheshire Football Association. The Club will compete in Cup competitions organised by the League(s).

Conduct – The Club is mindful of the Constitution and Rules of the relevant Leagues that its teams belong to, especially the rules pertaining to misconduct on and off the field of play.

Players, Supporters, Officers of the Club, Managers and Coaches, receiving a caution or a sending off, should be aware that they incur a fine set by the Cheshire Football Association.

Fines – For under 18 club members, the parent or legal guardian is responsible for payment of the fine, over 18 club members are responsible for payment of the fine.  If requested, and in exceptional circumstances, the Executive Committee can decide that The Club will pay the fine, all such requests must be sent by the Team Manager to the Club Secretary in writing, within 48 hours of the incident.

A late fee and a ban from all football can be imposed by Cheshire FA or the Club if the fine is not paid within 14 days.

Results – Leagues have set procedures for clubs to notify them of results or cancelled games, plus the non-attendance of the opposing team; it is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure that these procedures are followed. The offending person must pay any fines incurred as a result of not following these procedures.

IX. Incidents and Accidents

All incidents and accidents, whether they involve injury or not, shall be reported to the Executive Committee and the incident will be logged and investigated. In the event that an injury is sustained, the well-being of any individual must be of paramount importance to all Club Officials whilst carrying out their duties on behalf of the Club.

In the event of an injury, the responsible person in charge of the team at the time of the incident or accident, must ensure that the player is given adequate first aid. For U18 players the Team Manager must notify the player’s parents/guardian (if not present) of the nature of the incident, accident or injury at the earliest opportunity. Where appropriate, an accident report form must be completed, for U18 players a copy should be given to the player’s parents/guardian, for over 18 players the accident form should be handed to the player.

The details of the incident or accident must be reported to the Club Secretary or Club Welfare Officer, within 24 hours on the Accident Report Form. For U18 players the Team Manager, or a member of the Executive Committee should endeavour to contact the player’s parents/guardian within 24 hours of an accident resulting in an injury to ascertain the well-being of the player.

X. Club Membership and Subscriptions

All players joining the Club must pay the designated fees and complete the registration process.  The provision of emergency contact details and any relevant medical information is a condition of membership of the Club.

An annual subscription will be payable each year, either in full or in accordance with the agreed schedule of payments.

The level of subscriptions and method of collection will be determined by the Executive Committee and presented to the Club Committee for approval at the AGM, this will include a “training only” fee for players who are not eligible, or who chose not, to play in matches.

Managers who have players who are unable to pay full fees must discuss the individual circumstances with the Executive Committee who will confirm the amount of fees to be paid. If fees remain unpaid, the player may not be allowed to continue to play or train with the Club.

XI. Team Kit and Equipment

Team Managers will complete a kit & equipment list at the beginning of each season, the kit and equipment remain the property of Upton JFC and must be returned when requested or if the Manager leaves the Club.  When requested, players must return their kit to the Manager.

Match day Club colours are blue and black; with a blue shirt and black shorts and socks.

All football kits must adhere to the Club guidelines, they must be labelled with the Upton JFC logo, sponsors name and or logo and the relevant number. No individual names can be printed on shirts.

The Treasurer must approve all purchases, and the kit and equipment remain the property of Upton JFC and must be returned if requested.

XII. Complaints Procedures

If any Club member feels that they have a grievance, or that the Club/FA Policies, Rules or Codes of Conduct have been broken, they should follow the procedures below:

  1. Report the matter to any member of the Executive Committee. The report should include:
  • Details of what, when and where the occurrence took place.
  • Any witness statement and names.
  • Details of any former complaints made about the incident.
  • A preference for a solution to the incident.

2. The Club’s Executive Committee will consider all the information in the report and may interview the complainant and any witnesses, to facilitate arbitration and conflict resolution.

3. The Club’s Executive Committee has the power to:

  • Warn members about future conduct, clearly stating any remedial action required and setting expectations about future behaviour, including time frames and consequences of non-compliance.
  • Suspend members from the Club, pending investigation into any allegations.
  • Revoke membership of the Club for any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Code of Conduct, or deemed to have behaved in an inappropriate manner. Any such decisions must be clearly documented and communicated in writing.

Decisions to revoke a membership must be made by a quorum of the Executive Committee, to include the Club Welfare Officer and either the Secretary or Chairperson and must carry a majority vote.

If a Coach or Manager is excluded from the Club, the Secretary or Welfare Officer of the Club must inform Cheshire FA.

XIII. Disciplinary Procedures

The Club will adopt and adhere to the FA Codes of Conduct for Managers, Coaches, Players, Team Officials, Parents and Spectators. These Codes are issued to the respective people as required, and are available via the Club website.

The disciplinary procedure is in place to ensure that members of the Club who persistently fail to meet the agreed expectations are dealt with in a fair and open manner. In the case of a breaches of any Code of Conduct the following will apply:

i. Players Failing to Meet the Expectations

  • The Age Group Manager will raise individual issues with the Club Secretary or Club Welfare Officer.
  • For U18 players, the Age Group Manager will speak to the player and his/her parents/guardian regarding their behaviour.
  • If the player’s behaviour continues to be in breach of the Club standards, an interview with the player and, for U18 players, the parents/ guardian may take place with the Executive Committee, where an agreed sanction will be implemented, which may include exclusion from the Club.
  • For U18 players, if a meeting does not take place the Chairperson will write to the player’s parents/guardian explaining the Club’s procedures and any action to be taken.
  • If a Player is sent off for violent conduct or swearing, in addition to any penalty set by the Cheshire FA, the Executive Committee will review the case and may impose an additional sanction.

ii. Officials Failing to Meet Expectations

In the case of a Club Official breaching the Code of Conduct an interview will take place with the Executive Committee, who have the authority to revoke membership of the Club.

iii. Parents, Guardians or Spectators Failing to Meet Expectations

In the case of a parent, guardian or spectator breaching an FA Code of Conduct, a meeting will take place with the Executive Committee, who have the authority to take the appropriate action.

XIV. Dissolution

A resolution to dissolve the Club shall only be proposed at a General Meeting and shall be carried by a majority of at least three-quarters of the members’ present.

The dissolution shall take effect from the date of the resolution and the members of the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the winding up of the assets and liabilities of the Club.

Any surplus assets remaining after the discharge of the debts and liabilities of The Club shall be transferred to another Club, the Cheshire Football Association or The FA, for use by them for similar community sports.

XV. Policies and Procedures

All data held by, and on behalf of, the Club will be governed by the Club’s Privacy Notice and Data Protection Policy in accordance with EU GDPR 2018 and as published on the Upton JFC website.

All Club policies, regulations and FA Codes of Conduct can be accessed via the following link

Reviewed & Published June 2018